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With over 125 years of history, the WNPS is the only NGO in Sri Lanka that was formalized under an Act of Parliament (incorporated by Act No. 29 of 1968) and operations are run by a passionate group of elected volunteers who combine with a full-time staff team to deliver a broad range of impactful outcomes (see Our Team - The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society).


PLANT is a registered Not-for-Profit guarantee company (company no. GL00226561) created in 2020 under the WNPS auspices. It is governed by an independent Board of Directors, who are elected annually, according to a constitutional mix of WNPS and independent personnel to ensure good governance and transparency. Financials are presented and audited annually, in keeping with WNPS best practices (see annual reports on Publications - The Wildlife & Nature Protection Society, Sri Lanka).


The Board comprises well-experienced and reputed personnel from varying disciplines who come together due to a shared passion for conservation and lend their expertise to steer PLANT to deliver its social and statutory obligations. PLANT also leverages extensively on a volunteer structure and the central resource pool the WNPS network has at its disposal. Presented below is a cross-section of some of the key team members.

Our Team


The objectives of PLANT are:

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To acquire and/or hold private land for the purpose of establishing and administering natural sanctuaries and reserves that serve as a haven for fauna and flora and provide - where desirable - an opportunity for research activities.

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To assist in protecting nature in all its forms, such as landscape, soil, water, flora, fauna, marine habitats, and to conserve it for future generations. 

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To prevent the destruction and harmful commercial exploitation of wild animal and plant species and - wherever desirable and possible - to preserve wildlife within areas where the company can exercise administrative control.

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To publicize the importance of wildlife and nature conservation in Sri Lanka. 

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To co-operate actively with other persons and organizations in Sri Lanka and other countries in the interests of nature conservation and to give support for study and research concerning wildlife. 

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To do all other things that seem to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims. 

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