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Sri Lankan companies are joining thousands around the world and taking big, bold initiatives to help preserve our precious species and natural surroundings, conceptualize new sustainability initiatives, and reduce their carbon footprints. Companies have begun to look towards linking their Brand Purpose, and Core Values, with their philanthropic priorities and focus areas.


There is an awakening of social consciousness and an appreciation of the massive environmental damage already caused, as well as of the limited slipping sands of time we have to take firm action. Many of them have also realized that working closely with partners like the WNPS and PLANT can deliver better and more impactful outcomes towards helping companies move closer to their own goals and targets. Several companies have significantly enhanced their investments in this area through our partnerships.

We are honoured to have already been supported by many companies in different sectors, who believe in the power of private conservation and the Emerald Trail corridors. Thanks to these partnerships, we have been able to designate over a thousand acres of conservation space already, while purchasing some critical eco-sensitive land blocks and saving them from almost certain destruction. By aggregating these contributions, PLANT is able to make much bigger impacts on our three priorities which are Preserving Acres and Creating Corridors, Battling Climate Change and Species Protection, and Furthering Scientific Research and WNPS Interaction

Click here for details of our Partnership Engagements.


Corporates can support PLANT through many ways: a lump sum donation, a single land block purchase, monthly or periodic donation, land donations and land allocations, a percentage of topline or units sold etc., or we can co-create an initiative within our framework for you to own and fund fully.


Partnering with PLANT ensures that you work with a credible partner with over a hundred years of conservation exposure through WNPS, while your engagement with the PLANT journey will help spearhead private conservation in Sri Lanka, fight climate change in our own way, protect critical habitats and save species in a tangible manner. When you speak or engage your clients, this will then become your exciting CSR story as much as ours.

Together we can turn the tide in Sri Lanka. Please reach out to us at with details about your organisation and area of interest - and we would love to talk to you!

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