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WNPS and PLANT are both run and administered largely by a passionate group of volunteers who are dedicated to protecting Sri Lanka’s biodiversity. Our work attracts some of the top talent, be it within the sphere of conservation, wildlife management, corporate and business leadership, youth and student communities, legal and financial management professionals, academia and more. Similarly, many youth, retirees, housewives and part-time workers also play critical and key transformative roles within the organizations. A smaller team of core employees and contract staff form part of the paid organization structure, and we are constantly hiring based on our expanding scope of work and ambition. All we seek are people with a passion for what we do, a willingness to dedicate some time and whose values genuinely align with ours. Different skills will be put to use across a spectrum of needs. If you would like to join us on this exciting journey, please do email or contact us.


If you would like to engage with us further and spread the word about PLANT, please connect with us through social media. Do also read the Annual reports of WNPS for a full view of our other activities (click here). If you would like us to send you an update on WNPS and PLANT activities via our newsletter, The Jungle Telegraph, please sign up below.

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