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Why not leave a legacy which extends beyond a single generation and serves
planet and thousands of species? Read more for details. 

Our lifetime is a mere speck in nature’s history, and yet we can leave a legacy which embraces nature and the world beyond. You can be a fighter to prevent climate change, preserve what we have and help our youth, and their generations in turn, to protect and enjoy part of Sri Lanka as you know it today. By donating to PLANT, our commitment is that this journey will go on well beyond our lifetimes and those coming after us. Creating a legacy through nature is perpetuating a memory in its purest form.


As mortals embrace ashes and dust as a destination, our wealth too can be leveraged not just for materiality and our kith and kin, but also for a greater purpose which goes back to Nature.


You are not alone. Already some Sri Lankans have opted to gift land and wealth, even at youthful ages. PLANT will always remain indebted for whatever contributions are made, at any stage of your life. 

Remember us, and Mother Nature will always remember you in the sweet breeze that blows through the PLANT nature corridors, and in the soulful choruses of birds and creatures which greet each new dawn.

Please do seek good legal advice when you structure or amend your Will at any time, or when gifting land parcels to PLANT. We remain committed to helping where we can.

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