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  • How is PLANT structured? What is the link between PLANT and WNPS?
    WNPS has a vision to exert better influence and help preserve ecosystems in the quest to preserve species. The team aspired to become a major driving force who was bringing private conservation to the fore. PLANT was set up as a Not-for Profit Guarantee company, bearing registration number GL00226561, under WNPS oversight. The governance and Board structure was designed to ensure very active WNPS engagement but also ensuring that a selected number of independent Board directors would also bring accountability and transparency into operations. WNPS and PLANT share major symbiosis and PLANT will be leveraged by WNPS as a strategic tool within their national conservation agenda.
  • Is PLANT only working within the Emerald Trails regions?
    PLANT’s vision is to create natural corridors to link up bigger protected spaces in Sri Lanka. Our priority is the South Western part of the country which has the highest biodiversity and endemism. Working in and around the Emerald Trails regions will remain our focus for several years given the vast magnitude of the task at hand. If lands are provided or donated to PLANT for conservation, we will accept them and work in any part of Sri Lanka. Our proactive engagement to acquire lands will however remain around the Emerald Trails at least for the initial years.
  • Is there a minimum size of expected donation?
    The WNPS and PLANT teams value every single donation which is made towards our initiatives and appreciate the concern and support behind each gesture. No value is too small, and we reach many goals through the combined efforts of many.
  • Will I receive an acknowledgement for donations made?
    Yes, all donations will be formally acknowledged with a receipt for anything over Rs. Two thousand (Rs. 2,000).
  • Can I terminate my regular contributions?
    Yes, regular contributions are most welcome and valued but can be ended at any time with no obligations or notification needed.
  • How can I get engaged with this work?
    Both WNPS and PLANT are driven extensively by volunteers and there is a constant need for more to join our ranks. We welcome new faces and skills, and we try to stem the tide in every possible manner. Please email us at and we will be delighted to connect.
  • Is PLANT hiring people?
    WNPS and PLANT are both expanding their footprints and undertaking scope enhancement and new projects. Although we do not have a large staff strength and usually have very limited openings, please email us with your profile and area of interest. We regret we will be in touch only with candidates where we may find a suitable match.
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