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Our Story

Sri Lanka's climate and environment produce a unique biodiversity and is one of only 34 biodiversity hotspots around the world. Sri Lanka has the highest biodiversity per unit area of land in Asia.


The southwestern quarter of the Island is the only home for perhumid rainforests in the South Asian region where around 6% of this landmass is home to around 90% of our species. With the high endemism in Sri Lanka, naturally many Point-Endemic species with limited ranges are becoming extinct at a rapid pace. This area also has the highest development activity within the country, where nearly 50% of the island’s human population live.

Emerald Trails Initiative

Emerald Trails is the ambitious WNPS PLANT initiative, which hopes to help create almost uninterrupted or reasonably connected corridors of protected natural spaces and forest ecosystems within the southwestern quarter of the island. To secure and ensure this region's genetic and ecological integrity, the linkage of forest patches with larger geographies of conserved land blocks is an urgent priority to ensure continued movement and linkage for Animals across different larger geographies of protected land blocks.

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Our Impact and Conservation Action

Private Conservation to the fore: “We believe that leaving the future of all our Fauna and Flora at the mercy of state actors is no longer an option” (WNPS PLANT).

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Our Inhabitants: The Species in Our Properties

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All creatures great and small occupy our properties and we are thrilled to play host to these beautiful creations of evolution. These are a few images from each group to capture your imagination and appreciate why we need to do much more to keep them alive. Your intervention maybe their last hope. All images were taken on our properties, and our species list is constantly growing.

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Our Locations: Little Pieces of Paradise

Our locations are initially spread, and terrain diverse, as we begin the baby steps of a bold ambition. They will gradually form steppingstones as our footprint grows and we are able to link more locations with protected spaces. One thing however is common – all locations have enchanting natural beauty and are home to the most remarkable creatures on this little paradise. Outlined below are a few of them.

Where and How We Operate

PLANT hopes to both protect existing land assets and restore eco systems in different forms. PLANT never envisions owning massive chunks of land to cover this ambitious plan but rather to play an orchestrator role through a combination of approaches. We hope to spearhead the notion of Private Conservation in Sri Lanka by taking the lead role and demonstrating its viability and importance.

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Reforestation and Restoration

Science and Other Initiatives

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Our Current Locations

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