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PLANT has an ambitious goal for which it needs help from many parties. There are so many ways you can fundraise on behalf of PLANT and thus contribute to biodiversity protection in Sri Lanka.


You could run a marathon, do a walk,  create a Facebook fundraiser, organize a cycling expedition, create your own quiz nights or charity dinners or mini bazaars, where PLANT is designated as the official beneficiary or cause. You could also ask people to donate to PLANT in lieu of your special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and so on. What better way to remember a loved one than to do something which lasts over generations? Others could launch “Matching Grant” Campaigns where they will match the funding of other participants on the initiative.


Events can be anything from simple fun to physically demanding activities. The manners of fund raising are endless and anyone from a child to the elderly could become a Fund Raiser. All we ask is that you engage with us, and we jointly agree and align on any initiative and mechanics in case PLANT is called out by name, or there is a need for logo usage. For online fund raising, we encourage using a third-party fund-raising site, and funds should come directly into our designated accounts and not be held in third party bank accounts, as transparency is of high importance.

Please email us at​ to start this journey together.

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